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Journey of the Mind

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Feb. 21, 2024 - March 3, 2024

Pavilion Gallery

Without Shape Without Form

Journey of the Mind, an exhibition of self-discovery, fosters genuine conversation around art, spirituality, and the mind through contemporary Sikh knowledge.

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After touring the UK for the past two years, the exhibition has now arrived in London, aiming to evoke a sense of curiosity about the internal journey of the mind and its positive effects on people’s lives. 

"We live in difficult times, struggling with constant pressure from a world where we are always connected through digital media but still suffer loneliness. Anxiously searching for peace, happiness and love from the external world. Concern for the health of the planet, social injustice, and impacts of recent global events on mental health have left many feeling hopeless. 
As the mind battles against negative forces within, this exhibition invites you to discover how internal peace, clarity and resilience can be found in troubled times through focused repetition (Simran), selfless service (Seva), and community of practice (Sangat).
Digital paintings and handmade drawings by Canadian artist Kanwar Singh and short films by British animator Christian Wood illustrate the stories of those who had attained the highest spiritual levels, which gave them the clarity and foresight to see all as one"

— Without Shape Without Form.


This Cromwell Place exhibition has already taken place

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Without Shape Without Form

Without Shape Without Form

"Without Shape Without Form champions the arts as a catalyst for social change.  

We are creating moments of self-discovery to take people on a transformative journey. 

As an organisation, we embody values of (un)learning and creativity as necessary tools for a better world.

Taking inspiration from spirituality, we help people develop a life of purpose and connection, and collaborate with individuals and institutions to make this accessible to everyone. 

Through our words and actions, we celebrate diversity and inclusivity, offering an open and welcoming space for artistic expression.  

We are a volunteer-led arts organisation that fosters genuine exchange and dialogue around art, spirituality (the internal story) and mental health through contemporary Sikh knowledge."